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    "When the power of Love overcomes the love of power

    the World will know peace." - Jimi Hendrix

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    Norbert Lakatos

    May Peace Prevail Upon This Planet

    In 2011 at the age of 22 Norbert Lakatos began his spiritual journey. He had reached a state where he was so disconnected from his body that he didn’t realize he had developed scoliosis. Norbert was unmotivated, apathetic and was becoming very depressed. He was studying Business Commerce at Carlton University but felt that something was missing. There was a void within him that he couldn't seem to satisfy. He describes it as, "an emptiness that seemed to be growing; even among family and friends I would feel lonely." Finally, in 2012 without knowing where it would lead him Norbert made the decision to take a year off school and enrolled in a Hatha Yoga teachers training program. The experience changed his life and was the catalyst he needed to encourage him along a bold new path.


    Norbert realized how tense and polluted his body was and made the connection that this was a major source of his frustration and unhappiness. In 2013 his journey brought him to Hari Nam Singh Ji Khalsa’s Kundalini Yoga class and he knew he had found the teachings he had been searching for. He learned about the three functional minds, the seven chakras, ten bodies, five tattvas, three gunas and how the One source sustains it all- the soul and God are not separate. Norbert received his spiritual name Siri Gopal from Hari Nam Singh Ji Khalsa.


    In 2015 Norbert completed his Kundalini Yoga teachers training level one course and he continues his studies in different forms of energetic healing. In 2016 he completed his Level 1 Reiki certification and in 2017 was certified in Sensory Healing.


    Norbert Lakatos ~ Siri Gopal is certified through the International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association.


    Happiness is an expression of Love and Love is that indescribable feeling of union and bliss. When we feel happy we feel a connection, a union; this is the Truth about reality, that we are all connected. Yoga is the science of self healing to reach that experience of oneness.


    When we develop our sensitivity and we understand our internal environment- how we feel and what we need, we can more intelligently and gracefully navigate through the challenges in our lives. We rarely recognize that we’re getting angry before we start to yell and scream or we shut down and tune-out. Yet it's possible to feel these emotions building, become aware of this tension and then employ specific techniques to relax, refocus and respond appropriately instead of allowing our emotions to create the same old reactions.


    Meditate. Clear yourself. Sat Nam Wahāguru- Truth is our Identity, the Wonder and the Wisdom of the Universe guides us from within.


    May peace prevail upon this planet. God willing peace prevails upon this planet.

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