• Yogic Healing

    Healing the Body & Mind to Experience the Soul

  • What is it?

    Kundalini Yoga is a wholistic way to health, happiness and holiness. The human sensory system is so advanced that modern science does not yet fully understand it. Intuitively we should be able to sense what is not balanced within us as well as in our environments and we should have the energy, focus and determination to make the necessary changes.


    The techniques of Kundalini Yoga can be practiced in private or in group settings, in a studio or at work and are designed to restore our sensitivity and vitality.


    Kundalini Yoga is safe, effective and non-invasive.


    Learn how to relax tight muscles, release stress, call upon your intuitive wisdom and reconnect to the oasis of peace that exists within your heart centre.


    Balance the trinity of body, mind and soul to gain strength, stability and stamina.

    Who can participate?

    Anyone can participate in a Kundalini Yoga class. There are thousands of Kriyas (completed actions/ exercise sets) and Meditations. Postures can be modified to suit the needs of everyone.

    What happens in a Kundalini Yoga class?

    All Kundalini Yoga classes begin by tuning-in, chanting the Adi Mantra (the primal or first mantra). This sound combination aligns us the the Golden Chain of Teachers and Teachings, it awakens our intuitive wisdom to help guide and protect us during our practice.


    We then warm up the body with gentle stretching and pranayama (breath work) before we move into the Kriya(s). All exercises are optional and can be modified. Breaks are encouraged and should be taken as needed.


    Each class includes meditation(s) and deep relaxation.

    Personal Development ~ The Seven Steps to Happiness 

    Learn the Seven Steps to Happiness and simple techniques to reduce physical tension- muscle-aches and pains. These yogic techniques and meditations reduce stress and create mental clarity. Yoga is proven to improve posture, mobility, circulation, nerve, endocrine and lymphatic function.

    Community/ Education ~ Conscious Communication 

    Learn Conscious Communication. Life demands self-awareness and self-containment. We need to understand how to regulate our energy and our emotions so when things go wrong we don't fall apart. If we get so frustrated that we can't appropriately express ourselves then we make our own life more difficult. Learn techniques to regulate your energy and maintain your internal harmony.

    Corporate/ Businesses ~ Applied Consciousness

    Schedule a group healing session today and start to improve your company's Efficiency, Effectiveness and Environment through Applied Consciousness.


    Give your employees the advantage in any situation by harnessing their intuitive wisdom. These simple techniques can be done in a chair to reduce back, neck and shoulder tension and learn specific meditations that are energizing to help you stay focused.

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